Love ♥ Oro Valley Church of Christ Intimate Wedding

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One thing I realized as I was getting married was that the single most important thing in the wedding is you and the one who would be your life’s companion forever. Everything that could have gone wrong during my wedding, … Continue reading

1 thing you should know before your child’s photo session!

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Now what I am about to talk about is getting sorted out little by little in the real world through a new thing called “Lifestyle sessions”, and thank goodness! Ok, maybe is not so new to some, but it definitely … Continue reading

The Kind of Love that Strengthens your Own.

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I began my career after friends and family started requesting my services which of course at first were for free.  Perhaps at first they wanted me to take their photos because “I had a nice camera”, but soon they started … Continue reading

Photography and how it’s challenges can make you better. (At least a better photographer!)

If at first you don’t succeed….Dust yourself off and try again (*Aaliyah* I can’t believe I am using this line!) I bought my first DSLR a few years ago and my dad actually advised me to shoot in Manual mode … Continue reading