Newborn & Family Portraits | Tucson, AZ | Davis-Monthan AFB

OK so, I am a mother of one. A boy :). And I only photograph families and/or babies by special request because I am mostly busy doing weddings. I do feel like a breath of fresh air when I get to do something different every once in a while, especially when it is something I want and I am ok doing. The request to photograph this baby girl was a very special one and not necessarily because they asked me for it, but instead it was because I have been longing for a little girl ♥♥♥ ahhh!!! They are so special and cute!!!

Getting to hold a baby is a very special blessing ♥
tucson_newborn_lifestyle_session tucson_newborn_lifestyle_session2

Isn’t she so dreamy?!?!?! ♥ Besides dreamy, this princess was amazingly intelligent or should I say advanced for her age? She wasn’t even a week old and I had the hardest time photographing her the doll bed I brought as prop. Why? Because little pumpkin was CRAWLING, yes, crawling or scooting I don’t care! Little ones this young are not supposed to be doing that. Right?!
Anyway, I enjoyed watching her sleep and the baby smell and all! It’s so weird how little girls can be so different than little boys. ♥

I also had the chance to photograph her family at the Davis-Monthan AFB. 🙂 I always think that if I have time why not photograph the entire new family as well ♥

tucson_newborn_lifestyle_session6 tucson_newborn_lifestyle_session7

And why not some love as well? 😉

After all, it is sometimes hard for a couple to integrate a permanent third wheel into their lives. Yes, you as a couple create new life and love that new life, but it is still hard regardless. When I first gave birth all I could think of, was to feed my son and sleep and I kicked my husband to the curb without realizing it. That is why I find it so important to portrait not only a couple’s new baby, but also to incorporate the fact into the session that they are still a couple who are very much in love. I find it romantic actually to give it an even amount of attention to the mom and dad during the sessions. Just like during the weddings I love so much, the love of the many couples I meet strengthens my love for my husband. And that my friends is why I do what I do…. because it inspires me ♥

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