A courthouse wedding?! Why the heck not!?

Pima County Courthouse Wedding | Jerome & Prusha | Tucson Wedding Photography

(Yes, the couple you see all over my website/Facebook, etc!)


Some people feel like love stories like the ones in the movies only happen, well…, in the movies! I am sorry to say that is not true! Take mine for example; a French boy who immigrated to the US when he was just 2 years old and a girl from Guatemala who is born ON the year, month and week the Frenchy moved to this country. Well we were born a whole ocean apart and yet somehow we managed to find each other! Coincidence some may think… but no! We had the friends in common, went to the same church, broke up with our former boyfriend/girlfriend almost at the same time. We sometimes even went to the same place at the same time and our paths didn’t cross up until that one faithful day when we both bore our hearts to our Creator and asked Him to help us find someone… Someone who we could love and would love us for who we were and just the way we were (cheesy I know, but totally true!).

When we met there were fireworks, stars, butterflies and we were convinced that we were meant to be. We still do, so I am a firm believer that there are thousands of stories like ours out there. Prusha and Jerome are some of those lucky people. They are just one of those couples who you totally feel their love and devotion for each other; a couple you just know it’s a very special one. They had a beautiful wedding planned. It was to be amazing (and knowing Prusha you knew it was going to be FABULOUS); in San Diego, in a yacht, lots of glamour… BUT life happens.

Pima_County_Courthouse_Wedding20 Pima_County_Courthouse_Wedding8

I was preparing my suitcase for my trip to go visit my friends and family when I received a call from Prusha asking me if I had Friday the 20th free. “Uh…. I am traveling to California on Thursday why?” and then she proceeded to tell me that they had some “stuff” happened and they had decided to forget about their big plans and have their wedding at the courthouse on Friday. WOW… All I could think of was “are you sure you want to do that?!” I mean she is the queen of elegance!!!! Love, however, IS the reason we get married and the only thing that matters. She was happy and sure of herself, besides she was going to look fabulous no matter what and no matter where!



So as you may have already guessed, I changed my plans and instead went to be part of one of the most beautiful weddings. Yes. You read correctly. I showed up to a huge line of happy and giggly couples who were about to tie the knot. I got scared for a minute. What if they had already had their turn? What if they decided to forgo the idea? What if …. and there they were. I could see them from a mile away! Looking like European royalty, they stuck up like a sore thumb πŸ™‚ How could I miss them!?



Pima_County_Courthouse_Wedding1 Pima_County_Courthouse_Wedding12 Pima_County_Courthouse_Wedding15

Like I said they both looked amazing, but above all… they were truly happy with their choice. It wasn’t about anybody else or anything else but THEM.

Pima_County_Courthouse_Wedding14 Pima_County_Courthouse_Wedding11 Pima_County_Courthouse_Wedding10 Pima_County_Courthouse_Wedding2 Pima_County_Courthouse_Wedding18

Honestly, I felt very lucky to be there. I was very very happy I had in fact changed my plans to witness and document such an important day. I felt very humbled to be the one who wrote with light a love story about two individuals who weren’t going to let anything or anybody interfere with their love. I am not going to go over the reasons for their change of plans because those are personal, but their final decision taught me a very important lesson.

Pima_County_Courthouse_Wedding17 Pima_County_Courthouse_Wedding16 Pima_County_Courthouse_Wedding19

When you love someone you stand up for him/her no matter what and you do whatever it takes to be with that “one”, the “special one”. And ultimately, courthouse weddings CAN be beautiful too because the intention is always the same… commitment to love, especially when you know you guys are just meant to be.

Pima_County_Courthouse_Wedding23 Pima_County_Courthouse_Wedding22 Pima_County_Courthouse_Wedding26 Pima_County_Courthouse_Wedding25 Pima_County_Courthouse_Wedding24

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