Cienega Creek, Vail, AZ Engagement Session

Moving to Tucson has been a blast, but it has also been challenging. Finding new spots and scouting mostly desert areas has been hard, but it has also been rewarding. I don’t like to repeat locations that often because I like every session to be unique just like my clients. SO, considering the fact that there are more locations that look fairly similar in Tucson than there is variety, I have had to be very creative.

Cienega Creek had been the spot for 2 previous sessions for me, but it was perfect for this session. The couple went for contrast clothes that looked fab against the yellow of the leaves. cienegacreek_engagement_Tucson5

Oh fall is a magical time at this location! Now, honestly there are only 2 noticeable seasons here in Tucson (spring and summer) with the occasional year where it gets so cold during winter time that it actually snows (but that hardly happens!). So this shots were actually taken in mid-December and it looks like autumn! šŸ™‚ So weird, but absolutely beautiful!!!


This was such a fun session! And it was even funner for them because… uh, I fell, tripped, slid and then some! It was pretty embarrassing, but hey it was all in the name of love and passion (passion for photography of course!). I was so happy they were both willing to put up with me and my crazy ideas šŸ™‚



Check out the beauty all around framing this wonderful couple! I think the reason I was falling so much was because I was hopping around every time I found a great angle or frame to shoot šŸ™‚ cienegacreek_engagement_Tucson3

At the end of the day I was one sore photog, but man was it worth it! Such a beautiful place and such a wonderful couple; and that is the reason why I keep doing what I do. To challenge myself and capture people’s greatest moments… ā™„


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