Love ♥ Oro Valley Church of Christ Intimate Wedding

One thing I realized as I was getting married was that the single most important thing in the wedding is you and the one who would be your life’s companion forever. Everything that could have gone wrong during my wedding, WENT wrong. Heck, I even forgot my wedding dress in L.A. and didn’t even realize it until I was already in San Diego.

I spent plenty of time making sure the details were perfect for everyone to see, our guests, etc, and things still went wrong!! At the very moment I was being married to my dear love, I began realizing that nothing mattered more than that very moment. I realized that not having had my dress during the ceremony wasn’t important at all, it was him and I being in front of each other at the altar saying I do. Now, if I had to do it all over again obviously I would make sure I HAD my dress! I wanted a dress and I bought the one I loved! That is important and I am not trying to say that people shouldn’t pay much attention to making that day the day they always dreamed of! Not at all, but what I mean is that things will go wrong and it’s ok! No one will care because everyone there, whether you choose to invite 2 people or 200, is there to celebrate your love.

Now, when I received a message from this couple interested in hiring me I was more than happy to do so when I heard their story. The intimacy of their ceremony and them driving hundreds of miles to get married in a little church in the beautiful town of Oro Valley made me very interested in shooting their wedding. The bride told me that only her mother would be there, but because of the significance of their love and commitment for each other they wanted to immortalize that moment well.

I knew it was a small wedding, but little did I know how beautiful and meaningful it was going to be for me. The couple is wonderful and despite being together for a long time they both were a bit nervous. The bride was surprised she was so nervous and excited at the same time. I thought they were so great! They compliment each other in a very spiritual way. OroValleyChurchofChristWedding-1000-9

There was something about them, it was a connection stronger and more peaceful than I’d ever seen. The kind of love that is very sure of itself, I could tell there were no doubts, no resentments, no fears, no nothing other than the assurance that they were the ones for each other. There was confidence in their love. I have seen many couples who are so unique in their own way. Couples who truly love each other and I am happy to have met, but there was something I couldn’t explain about them when I first started their session prior to the ceremony.

OroValleyChurchofChristWedding-1000-4  OroValleyChurchofChristWedding-1000-13

Ahhh L’amour… there is such tenderness in the way they talk to each other and look at each other that I can’t describe. When she walked in the church the room was filled with a strong spirit of love. It was a magical moment… Their choice of music was so perfect, I found myself crying (broke a record there) before the bride even stood in front of her groom!!!


OroValleyChurchofChrist5 OroValleyChurchofChrist4

Is not unusual that during weddings I get to think about my own wedding day, but this time I remembered different things, different feelings. You see, we decided to have the ceremony in San Diego during New Year’s weekend and we were very well aware that maybe besides only my parents in law and my roommate no one else would be at the ceremony. There are many reasons of course, but one of the biggest ones is that my family is back in Guatemala and my husband’s extended family is in France. I remember feeling a little sad that so many people we loved couldn’t be there with us, but it was at that specific moment that I realized that it was ok. That I couldn’t let anything sadden one of the happiest days of my life. This couple, like us, got married far away from their friends and families but it was ok. They decided to do it for the same exact reasons that we decided to drive all the way to SD. It wasn’t about anybody else, but us. We both wanted to get married at a place that we both loved and that it meant so much to us.  People said it was crazy, especially in our case that we had the reception same day all the way back in L.A., but it really didn’t matter. It was what we wanted, it was so worth it.

These couple’s wedding was incredibly beautiful despite the simplicity of it.      OroValleyChurchofChristWedding-1000-6  OroValleyChurchofChristWedding-1000-7 OroValleyChurchofChristWedding-1000-5

It is always such a blessing to be part of people’s lives in such a memorable way. Every wedding, every story is different and each time I come out of each wedding renewed and happier. Happy with my job, happy with my own wedding, happy to document people’s lives.



I was even grateful to meet the bride’s mother that day. A beautiful lady that despite being in her golden years, she was so full of life and in love!!! These 2 love birds thought me is never too late to be fulfilled and loved ♥ OroValleyChurchofChrist3

Love was everywhere that day ♥


OroValleyChurchofChristWedding2 OrovalleyChurchofChristwedding

Linda, looked beautiful and her husband couldn’t look happier. What an amazing experience I had that day. Remembering that what matters most how you feel and who you feel it with. Being there for each other and taking in the full experience of the moment where you share your “I do’s” is what matters most, whether is a big and elaborated wedding or a small and intimate one.

Are you in love? Congratulations! And take the time to live every moment to the fullest and share that with the one you love…



Venue/church: Oro Valley Church of Christ


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