W & R Engagement Photography Session | Sabino Canyon, AZ

Ooh my goodness!!

Back in the day when I still lived in Guatemala, my father used to travel a lot. One time (I was like 8 or 9 years old) he flew to AZ to renew some certification he needed. I remember checking out the AZ travel magazines and thinking “EW!!! Nothing but rocks and desert, yuk!” YUK!!! I said to myself, I will travel everywhere in the U.S. except that hideous state (AZ). 20 something years later I was looking for a house to buy in … yep! You guessed it! None other than Arizona. We moved to Tucson and carried on with my business and along with falling in love with what I do more each day, I am also falling in love with this unique and beautiful place.

Tucson may seem uninterested to some, but just look at the beauty I have found in this place!

sabino engagement photographySo enough with me and meet this gorgeous couple I met through another client (now friend). These two have one of the cutest stories ever! They went to elementary school together, noticed each other, but nothing more. Years later, they find each other again and cupid did his thing.

WnRengagment session tucson 2014What’s funny is that he used to be shorter than her back in the day, but now look at him! He’s a giant. I was so sad I didn’t get to bring my little step ladder to use with them. I felt like a midget 🙂 but it worked and the photos turned out beautiful.

sabino engagement 2014Look at these two with such a stunning backdrop! Oh I am so happy to be here. Sure it has some challenges, but it’s so worth it!!! The Sonora desert is just amazing and compliments R & W so well!

sunset Tucson engagementJust check out my two takes of the Tucson sunset above, oh my! So romantic ♥

sunset Tucson desert engagementI am so excited for their wedding and their future together. I wish I could do their wedding as well, but they will be tying the knot in Flagstaff where they’re both from.

love engagement sabino canyon feb 2014It was a real pleasure to photograph this moment that captures their love. Congratulations to both!!!! ♥

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