The Kind of Love that Strengthens your Own.

GE (RCA) building New York

My grandfather visiting NY (1940’s)

I began my career after friends and family started requesting my services which of course at first were for free.  Perhaps at first they wanted me to take their photos because “I had a nice camera”, but soon they started asking me because they liked what I did. It had never dawned on me that I could actually do something I absolutely loved for a living. I was raised with a career oriented mentality, the more degrees the better kind of thing. The male line in my family are all college graduates since the 1700’s! And the girls, well maybe by the beginning of  the 1900’s. If I wasn’t either a doctor or a lawyer I wouldn’t make it in the world.

My biggest inspiration  perhaps my grandfather who graduated from Yale and worked as an administrator of the UFCO (What is now Chiquita Banana). He was amazing, he almost knew it all! He took classes over the mail (the equivalent of online classes in the 50’s I guess!) of carpentry, electronics, mechanics, art, photography and all of that while having a very demanding job! So I was under a lot of pressure from my family and I went on to get a Bachelor’s in Computer Science (ewww) and then moved up to Law School with a minor in Pedagogy (say what!?).

I moved to the U.S and my whole world changed. Since everything changed, I figured I should also change my degree.  I went on to get my AA in Business with a minor in French. When it was time for me to transfer to a 4 year college things began to change again, but this time what was changing was my emotional goals. I got accepted into the Honors College in a well known school right of the bat, but I wasn’t happy. At least not as happy as I thought I’d be (again sorry if I already went over this before!). I started hearing a voice inside me that was screaming at me. Screaming to take a risk! A risk? What kind of risk? Well the risk that people take when they want to make their dreams come true.

It is funny that photography as a career was never part of my wildest dreams! My dreams were (or are?) having a wonderful husband who could and liked to cook, having kids, a dog and the things that we need. Very simple, right?!
Well I have been blessed with having all of that (even though we have struggled financially more than a few times, we’ve always had what we needed). What I didn’t have was a career and mundane success and you get the idea. I wanted a job, but I didn’t want to leave my family neglected for too long, yes neglected because the kind of job I wanted required me to travel a LOT! And that is when things started changing. Identity portrait essay from school

About 5 years ago I started to be asked to take photos of this or that person. I loved it, I had fun and I did my absolute best. The kind of best that goes above and beyond with editing photos and stuff. I am especially thankful to my husband’s family who without knowing it encouraged me to follow my heart and trusted me with their own photos. And that is how it all began, but I hate to disrupt this story and take it somewhere else. This post isn’t really about me, but rather about why I love what I do.

I started out as an “all kinds of photography” photographerNewborn photography, but realized that my niche is weddings and engagements, and why? The answer is simple, because I love capturing LOVE. The romantic love that you have for the one you are crazy for. The kind of love that gives makes you feel butterflies in your stomach.

Tucson Engagement/Love/Anniversary photographyLove… And I am beginning to think that is because I have always believed that some people are just meant to be. I’ve always knew there was someone out there who walked and laugh and would eventually make his way to find me.

I love the stories of how my clients met and/or how they realized they wanted to be together forever. I just love that, it inspires me and it fills me with amazing energy! But I have to say that my favorite thing is when I meet couples who are very much in love and then I come back home with so much more love and gratitude toward my husband. Love invigorates me and inspires me.

Seeing people smile, laugh and truly enjoy each other’s company and love definitely strengthens mine. I now not only do I have a career, but I also get to relive my own feelings of love for my husband over and over again. Every tear, every smile, every “I do” takes me back to that one day 7 years ago when I said “I do”. Agua Caliente Park, Tucson, AZ

Love is my personal driving force to keep going and doing what I love. The couples I meet not only make my career as a photographer so enjoyable, but they also strengthen my own love for the one I married 7 years ago… my very own one and only ♥! And sure, life took me on a different road that my grandparents or parents thought I’d follow. A different path I thought I’d follow heck! But I am so happy…and I know that wherever my grandfather is he is proud of me ♥

Ok bad picture, but it was taken during our anniversary trip ♥Our 7 year anniversary trip ♥

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