Selfies? No! Self portraits :)

Well it’s been a long time since I had any pictures taken of me. Why? I don’t maybe because usually I am the one behind the camera or maybe because I felt insecure about myself.
I gained a ton of weight after I gave birth and never felt happy with myself since. That is sad! Sad because it is a situation that can easily be fixed with exercise (note I said easy? that’s debatable!) and good eating habits.

Back in L.A. I was working out, since I moved to Tucson I gained all the weight back. I live 30 minutes away from civilization and there’s NO sidewalks… yes NO sidewalks in the main streets. So even though people go on walks all of the time I don’t feel safe taking my son and dog on one. Or maybe I am just lazy. Whatever the issue is I’ve been loving to avoid the camera at all costs up until someone mentioned I should change the personal photo on my website.
Then I realized it was ridiculous for any self-respecting photographer to have the joke of photo I had!

The photo is not bad, but it is cheesy and taken at a restaurant back in Guatemala. Not too professional! And the person who pointed this out to me said “you are better off taking a selfie than that picture you have there” ouch! lol, but she was right.

So what are selfies??? Selfies are those hideous (quality wise) pictures we like to take of ourselves in the mirror with a point and shoot camera or a phone. Nevertheless, you can totally be creative and score 100 points with a super awesome self portrait…even in the bathroom 🙂


This is really not too bad, but there is no contrast, the skin tones are off….

And notice how I have my big ol DSLR hanging from my neck and I still felt compelled to take a picture with my phone!!!! +_+ Anyway, this photo was a long time ago! And like I said, this is not the worst ever seen, know Amanda Bynes?? Yes, her selfies ARE the worst ever seen!

Now, in a more serious note I actually did need to update that horrid photo of mine I had on my page. So for months I’ve been dreading the fact I needed to do something about it. But why would I pay a another photographer if I AM a professional photographer! So I thought to myself “so does that mean I need to do a selfie??? SELFIE!!! Nah!!! I am a professional (yes I still take photos with my phone, I am guilty!). All I had to do was get my tripod out, a nice backdrop, and beautify myself. Piece of cake right? No. Then I had to deal with how insecure I felt about the way I look!

It took a long time for me to not care what people would say. However I do know I can’t be healthy nor completely happy with myself until I start working out again. And I will, but sometimes things are a little bit more complicated than what we like them to be. As for now, I have to embrace myself and like ME! It is so hard, but it is doable. It is necessary! If you don’t like yourself you will irradiate that crankiness to all of those around you. And THAT is what will actually make you look ugly. Not the way you actually look, but the self-pity and the negativeness.

So last night, I got all ready and after my boys went to sleep (my husband, son, brother and dog) I used the skill I know so well and took some awesome self portraits!

What is a self-portrait? Well, first of, a portrait is an image that represents who you are. It usually only shows your face. It becomes a self-portrait if you get everything together and shoot it yourself obviously. It is a little trickier I think than a regular portrait because you have to constantly getting up to check on the photos. When I did this years ago using my dad’s SLR I didn’t have the luxury to check the photos and fix whatever I needed. So I had to think it through very well, and still from a whole roll of film I will end up with just a few good photos!

With regular portraits you are in full control, your eye is in the viewfinder and you know what you are shooting and how it looks.

Photographic Essay

Taken for a school project. “Identity”

I took the photo above with my film camera for a project trying to bring out someone’s identity through an image. Although my husband here was a pain of a model, I was still in control of the camera through my knowledge and the viewfinder. A self portrait is another ball game.

One thing I noticed is that since it is you taking it, you might be over critical of yourself so instead of spending 1 hour in a session you’ll spend maybe hours!

The first few photos of mine were horrible! I was hating every single one! I started my self portrait session at 1 am and ended at 5!!! I had to stop with that ugly self pity and I told myself to relax!And I am so glad I did! Isn’t it beautiful when you are just happy with whatever life gives you?? That will be another post though! Cheers and let’s not be afraid to get in front of the camera!

Taken in Tucson, AZ

Finally a Self Portrait and I am proud of it!!!

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