When their mother approached me to have their portraits taken I thought “ah, piece of cake! I love shooting children and for them having each other should make the session even easier..” or so I thought!

First, although these beautiful girls love each other a lot, they try to outdo each other… a lot!

At the beginning of the session, the younger sister was all about having her photos taken. She was smiling, posing and enjoying herself while her big sister was not that much into it and was doing the best she could to avoid the camera. Every child is different. Every child requires either more or less from you and why? Because they are individuals, even if they come from the same family.

Sahuarita, AZ

Beautiful hair and skin tones.

I have seen it all since the days back when I was an English teacher in

Guatemala. I  thought that maybe she felt that her little sister got more attention, or perhaps she wished she was just as camera ready as her. So I shifted my focus to “A” (I knew “G” was so confident she’d be ok for a bit :p).  She was sitting down next to the trees and the light of the sun was shining right on her golden skin creating a magnificent glow!  “Oh my goodness!” I said, ” your skin is so gorgeous! And I love the highlights of your hair!” Bingo! She liked the compliments! (and who doesn’t!?) Her mood softened up a lot and I told her that she didn’t have to pose if she didn’t wanted to. That she was just beautiful and the only thing she needed to do was be herself.

The image was so natural and she felt so relaxed, I love it!! It was definitely one of those sessions where I knew the day was on my side!

I then went back really quick to her sister, and of course she was as ready as they come for the camera! She was really loving doing different poses, but I encouraged her to just be natural which is what I always strive for during my sessions. She tried, but I guess posing is part of being herself!

Posing but natural??!! Yes, I guess that can be possible!

Posing but natural??!! Yes, I guess that can be possible!

The sun was beginning to set in a majestic way. Some people don’t like the sun flare in their images, but I thought she rocked it!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe is just as cute as they come!

I had the idea of something of a fairytale, whimsical mood so I decided to take them to one of the very few places in Tucson, AZ with lots of green trees! The location, the time of day and their vintage clothes made it somewhat magical! And they loved it!!! Even my older little model soon began to enjoy herself, playing and teasing her sister. I brought a set of butterfly wings (or fairy wings like the little one suggested) and took them out of the car and just let them play. I wanted to capture them playing, them floating in the world of their own imagination and I think I succeeded! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Once they felt comfortable, they were all over the place and it was awesome! I believe I was able to capture their true personalities and I am completely pleased with this shoot! I enjoyed it a LOT!

After I felt we were done in that location we added a little detour to our rendezvous.  I spotted the last rays of sun coloring the beautiful Sonora desert and  I thought it would make great photos of these beautiful sisters!!! I loved the result! I am so glad I listened to myself and went for it!

These gorgeous sisters in Tucson, AZ. Where green meets desert!

These gorgeous sisters in Tucson, AZ. Where green meets desert!

I posted the collage above and I thought it was so interesting to see the greenery of the pecan trees in contrast with the desert sunset colors.  I was never a fan of the desert up until I moved here. I love it!!!!!!!

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